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I want to swap to a veggie food option. Can you suggest a product?

We’d love to! We started our journey with our Sea Salad and this is still a fan favorite. Deliciously umami, perfect bite, tastes like crab but MUSH better!

What do oyster mushrooms grow on?

Our oyster mushrooms thrive on substrate bags filled with a blend of straw and nutrient-rich components sourced from food waste generated by coffee shops and breweries. This substrate acts as a food source for the oyster mushrooms during their growth. However, in most cases, the used substrate bags can either be recycled or used as compost after harvesting. Isn’t that cool?

Why aren’t all your products vegan? What’s the difference between veggie and vegan?

Drawing on our (butcher) roots, taste was a priority, especially for those switching to mushroom-based options! We started with veggie, but we're moving toward vegan to offer something for everyone. We believe in a one-mush-fits-all philosophy!
In our veggie items, there's still a bit of egg white. Most of our veggie choices have a vegan version, and although we’re all for it, it's not always easy to convince everyone (looking at you, retail buyers!) to embrace the vegan options 100%.

Why do you make your delicious mushroom-based foods taste like animal products?

We’re all about making it easier to make the better choice for you & the planet. Switching your favorite animal-based foods one-on-one with mushroom-based foods you’ll love even more is a simple way of making a huge impact.

When are products from BonMush delivered?

Orders placed from Monday 3:00 PM to Wednesday 3:00 PM will be dispatched on Thursday and delivered to your home on Friday. For orders placed between Wednesday 3:00 PM and Monday 3:00 PM, they will be sent out on Tuesday, with delivery at home on Wednesday.

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