The foods you love, but based on mushrooms

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We bring so Mush to the table with our delicious mushroom-based classics. 
Based on the oyster mushroom, this fun-gi guarantees amazing taste & texture and foods that are easy, planet-friendly upgrades of your familiar favorites.

One Mushroom, many Choices

Better choices become a scrumptious no-brainer with BonMush. Our mushroom-based classics burst with flavor, are easy to use, super planet-friendly & future-proof. That’s the power of our mushroom.




Try all 7 spreads

Spreads Sample Pack

Discover all delicious mushroom-based spreads with this sample pack! Taste them all and find your favorite. This pack includes all of our seven spreads.
Value: €34,50 now for €24,50 including shipping!

Meet our hero

The Oyster Mushroom

Send your tastebuds swinging with BonMush! Our hero, the oyster mushroom, saves the day effortlessly, being growin locally, vertically & circularly. Great taste and texture? He's got it. The result? Delicious classics for a mush better world.

“ The Oyster mushroom is the steak of vegetables ”

“ Sea Salad, the holy grail ”

“Mushrooms in the barn solve the nitrogen crisis”

Don’t just take our word for it

Delicious, accessible products, locally sourced, with great respect for this company that transitioned to vegetarian products. We're rooting for continued success!

Katrien Kerckaert

Januari 2024

The first vegan spread I enjoy. No overpowering or intrusive herb flavors. I'd love to try the other variations.

Christina Rigolle

April 2022

Absolutely the most delicious! Especially the Tune-In is irresistible. Why you would eat anything else is a mystery! Much better for the planet and children, meat-eaters, nay-sayers, really everyone will be happy with this. Just spread it on bread or serve it on a cracker, it's all possible. Hopefully Jumbo keeps offering and expanding this range!

S vR

Februari 2024

Really, really delicious

Florence Plomp

Januari 2023

Lots of variety and honestly, super cool packaging :).

Sarah Vandepitte

May 2023

Craving Bonmush?