The foods you love, but based on mushrooms

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We bring so Mush to the table with our delicious mushroom-based classics. 
Based on the oyster mushroom, this fun-gi guarantees amazing taste & texture and foods that are easy, planet-friendly upgrades of your familiar favorites.

One Mushroom, many Choices

Better choices become a scrumptious no-brainer with BonMush. Our mushroom-based classics burst with flavor, are easy to use, super planet-friendly & future-proof. That’s the power of our mushroom.




Try all 7 spreads

Spreads Sample Pack

Discover all delicious mushroom-based spreads with this sample pack! Taste them all and find your favorite. This pack includes all of our seven spreads.
Value: €34,50 now for €24,50 including shipping!

Meet our hero

The Oyster Mushroom

Send your tastebuds swinging with BonMush! Our hero, the oyster mushroom, saves the day effortlessly, being growin locally, vertically & circularly. Great taste and texture? He's got it. The result? Delicious classics for a mush better world.

“ The Oyster mushroom is the steak of vegetables ”

“ Sea Salad, the holy grail ”

“Mushrooms in the barn solve the nitrogen crisis”

Don’t just take our word for it

Delicious flavors and textures.

Delicious flavors and textures. Tasty variations. BonMush truly makes a difference compared to other veggie brands, both in terms of ingredients (soy-free) and flavors.

Pieter Ballieu


Huge fan of BonMush

Huge fan of BonMush. Love everything, and isn't it awesome that such a variety of 'meat' and spreads can be made from mushrooms? Keep up the great work! Or as our motto here goes #keepitupppp 😋

Anouck Lambert


So flavorful

BonMush products are surprisingly flavorful.



Tasty & very similar to ‘the real’ thing

Tasty spreads that taste very similar to the 'real' thing. Lots of variety and honestly, super cool packaging :). Whenever I see them in the supermarket, I always grab one (tune-in is my favorite) to spread on a cracker or sandwich as a snack..

Sarah Vandepitte


You won’t believe you are eating a mushroom.

This is the body copy of a longer review which expands on the excerpt above.

Sarah Vandepitte


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